Welcome to JOKOCollective

What is JOKO?

The term itself is Yoruba and means “sit down”. A cultural consultant informed us that JOKO can refer to a community gathering (or “sit down”) purposed to resolve conflict and gain clarity on an issue. Our JOKO is a grassroots learning cooperative where the Learn-ed mix it up with the Learn-ing—a supposed “level” of learning doesn’t qualify or disqualify.

Our goal is to become a better informed, more refined group of thinkers, in alignment with the academic roots of our revolutionary tradition; and, to erect a clearing house for the scrutiny of concepts we rely on for our empowerment. It is a space for intellectually ambitious folk who are willing to be self-critical. It is not a space where all information is created equal.

We’re entering our 6th year of development, working to design a replicable model of community self-education.

Our 2020 Theme: Solidarity