Our effort is to establish for ourselves an information base of the kind of depth and breadth broadly informed basis for launching a comprehensive cultural critique of Modern Society, and out of that to project what should be some unique solutions to the social and existential problems we’re faced with in the Global Black Community.

Toward that end we intend to


  • Establish a working knowledge of major trends in the Western Intellectual tradition, as this is indispensable to understanding how the system we’ve been subjected to has evolved. Central in this study, is the Critique of Capital.
  • Explore and familiarize ourselves with non-western and other than purely material approaches to viewing and explaining the human condition. We will be soliciting input from folk who prac- tice traditional nature religions (for lack of a better term) such as Ifa, First Nations systems and the like. In a more profound critique of the Western model we ask “Whose reality is it, any- way?”
  • Learn and employ academic standard principles of critical thinking, research methods and source criticism
  • Assert the relevance of arts, and the communicative power of the artistic modalities (visual, literary, theatrical, musical). Presentations themselves might very well be done in artistic for- mats. !
  • Deliver this content in an instructionally effective mode, accessible to the general public. We !would like our procedures to be replicable, so that a network of such “think tanks” can appear. !


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