About JOKO

Our goal is to establish for ourselves an information base that launches a comprehensive cultural critique of Modern Society. Out of that, through our collective dialogues, we will develop unique solutions to the social and existential problems facing the Global Black Community.

  1. Establish a working knowledge of major trends in the Western Intellectual tradition so that we may understand how the system we’ve been subjected to has evolved. Central in this study, is the Critique of Capital.
  2. Explore and familiarize ourselves with non-western and non-material approaches to viewing and explaining the human condition. Traditional, nature-based beliefs and practices have been denounced and demonized as part of the colonizing/ enslavement process. We uphold the viability of these systems and seek input from practitioners in the problem-solving dialogue.
  3. Assert the relevance of Black Arts and the power of art as an essential mode of human expression. Our story & culture, its conflicts & joys, struggles & victories are viscerally experienced when conveyed through visual, literary, performance and plastic arts. In fact, these are often considered more impactful learning modes than the purely verbal/logical.
  4. Learn and practice academic standards of vetting and analyzing information for accuracy.
  5. Deliver content in an effective mode that is accessible to the general public. Our goal is that our system is replicable so that a network of such learning collectives can develop throughout the Global Black Community.

We Intend To:

In a more profound critique of the Western model we ask “Whose reality is it, anyway?”

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